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LLRC Conference in Mannar

An awareness program on LLRC report was conducted on May 18th and 19th at Gnanodaya Training Centre at Mannar. This program was sponsored by “Meeting Humanitarian Needs through Inter Religious Cooperation and Collective Community Action Project” of NPC.

The objective of the program was to create an awareness on LLRC report among the District Inter-Religious activists of NPC.

Dr Jehan Perera, the Executive Director NPC explained the objectives of the LLRC commissions and the persons who appointed it. He showed how the recommendations of LLRC could be utilised to provide a local solution to the National problem of Sri Lanka.

He further pointed out that responsibility of implementation should not be left to the government alone and emphasised the responsibility of the civil society to involve in it within the space available to them rather than being passive spectators.

In the discussion that followed:

  • The participants emphasised that political interference prevails in each and every activity of the area and even in getting a job the priority is not on qualification but on political influence.
  • The women widowed by war explained their economic problems that they face at present.
  • The displaced persons complained that they have lost their lands and houses and how the political authorities have now settled other persons in them.
  • They also complained about the attempts made by the government to change the population structure of the North Eastern provinces by settling the people of other communities.
  • They stated that the development activities initiated by the government without a proper consultation of the people, provide no benefits to the people of the area.
  • The participants complained about the drawbacks existing in the administrative systems and how they have deprived their approach to the services available.

Mr. Pushpa Jayawardhana, Thayaga Chandana and Mohammed Faishal represented NPC at this meeting. A follow up action plan was prepared which will be implemented when resources are raised.


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