A workshop on conflict sensitivity, peace building and Social Media

With the objective of improving the capacity of the partner organizations that come under Partnership for Peace-Strengthening Multi-Level Civil Society Collaboration for Peace, Democracy and Human Rights project, a workshop on conflict sensitivity, peace building and media training was held at the Ecumenical, Colombo, in both Sinhala and Tamil Media on 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th of last October.

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32 officers representing, Center for Women Development (CWD), Resources for Peace and Reconstruction (RPR), Vanni cultural Foundation (VCF), True Vision Rural Rehabilitation Organisation (TVRRO), Organisation for the Welfare, Counseling and Upholding the Right of Disabled (OWCURD), Centre for Communication Training (CCT), Ruhunu Rural Women’s Organization, Social Economics (RRWO) and Social, Economic & Environmental Development Organization (SEEDO) participated in this workshop.

The topics that were emphasized at this workshop included understanding conflict and peace, nature of violence, conflict dimensions, conflict and culture, styles of controlling conflicts, conflict analysis, transforming conflicts and peace building.

This workshop provided the participants the opportunity to get a better understanding on the limits and responsibilities of social media.

Ms Manel Chandrika, Field Coordinator of Moneragala, SEEDO, expressing her impressions of this workshop, said that she had to face many problems in her field activities of the area in solving the family issues and appreciated the workshop for helping her to solve many practical problems through the knowledge and guidance that was provided by this workshop. Both Mr. Selvendraraja, Program Coordinator RPR, Manner and Mrs. Fernando, Field Officer, Ruhunu Women’s Organisation expressed the idea that the lack of knowledge in managing simple conflicts among rural communities have escalated into large conflicts among themselves. They said that they can use this knowledge gathered at this workshop and it will help them to minimize such conflicts.

Mr. A Sarveshwaran, Senior Lecturer, Colombo University and Mr. Wijayantha Ukwatte, Senior Lecturer, Sri Lanka Foundation Institute respectively contributed as Tamil and Sinhala Media Resource Persons. Training on Media was done by the lecturers of Community Peace Service.

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