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NPC conducts workshop on 17th amendment


National Peace Council of Sri Lanka conducted a workshop on 17th amendment on Saturday the 11th July, 2009 in Trincomalee. The event took place at the main event hall at Club Oceanic Hotel in Trincomalee. Dr.S.I. Keethapongalon, Head of the Department of Political science at University of Colombo, and Mr. S.G.Punchihewa, Senior Lawyer, were invited as resource persons.

The event stated with the registration of participants and Mr. Rukmal Silva from NPC, welcomed the partipants cordially. The Chief Operations Executive of National Peace Council presented an introduction to NPC and its involvement in 17th amendment and the promotion of the same. She explained briefly the importance of having the workshop in Trincomalee District, drawing on the relevance of this activity to the vision and mission of NPC. She further highlighted the importance of creating awareness on Good Governanc

e through 17th amendment. This helped the dialogue widen among the participants. After the Introduction the participants were asked to write their expectation from the workshop. These were categorized into four types and handed over to the lecturers so that they can cover the topics in their lectures.




Next, the participants did a self -introduction and the session broke for tea.


When the session reconvened, Senior Lawyer MR. S.G. Punchihewa presented on the subject of ‘Introduction to 17th Amendment and its implication to good governance’. Subsequently Dr.S.I.Keethaponcalan, Senior Lecturer from University of Colombo, Department of Political Science, spoke on the importance of 17th Amendment and the present status of implementation. 


The participants resumed after a lunch break and Mr.S.G.Punchihewa presented on the topic of ‘The Roles and Responsibilities of the civil society in the implementation of the 17th Amendment’. Next, Dr.K. Vignasvaran, Secretary of the Eastern Province Chief Minister, presented his views on 13thand 17th amendment. After this presentation the panel discussion took place facilitated by Dr. S.I.Keethaponcalan and Mr.S.G.Punchihewa.

The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Mr. T. Gajamugan.


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