An initial discussion with the Mayor of Galle Municipal Council on implementing the Local Government project

With the objective of getting necessary support for the local government project implemented by NPC, a discussion was held on 13th September with Mr. Methsiri De Silva, Mayor of Galle Municipal Council at the Galle Town Hall.

Several officers of the NPC participated at this meeting.

The points discussed at this meeting included the powers of the local government institutions under the present local government mechanism, whether these powers could be used in the present context, whether there are any barriers in utilizing those powers and the ways of getting the community participation to make its activities more productive.

Moreover it was pointed out that this project expects the implementation of the recommendation, highlighted by the LLRC for local government institutions likes Urban Councils, with the participation of local government authorities and civil society leaders. However the Mayor said that all the recommendations of LLRC cannot be implemented.

He also expressed his desire to support this project.

This project is expected to function for one year covering Jaffna Municipal Council in the North and Galle Municipal Council in the South.