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Partnership for Peace: A workshop on leadership and Management Training in Colombo

Under the NPC project "Partnership for Peace - strengthening multi level civil society collaboration for Peace, Democracy and Human Rights" a residential training workshop was heldfrom 5th-8th June 2012 at the Hector Kobbekaduwa Agricultural Research and Training Centre with the objective of improving the capacity of the co-organisations on project planning, implementation, monitoring , evaluation and reporting.

21 staff members of the followingpartner organisations,Centre for Women and Development (CWD), Resources for Peace and Reconciliation (RPR), Vanni Cultural Foundation (VCF), True Vision Rural Rehabilitation Organisation (TVRRO), Organisation for the Welfare, Counselling and Upholding of Rights of the Disabled (OWCURD), Centre for Communication Training (CCT), Ruhunu Rural Women’s Organisation (RRWO) and Social, Economic & Environmental Development Organization (SEEDO) participated this workshop.

Mrs.Daya Dadallage of RRWO who participated this workshop expressed the following view on the workshop." I was able to understand the methodologies of strengthening community organisations of the grassroots levels and how the benefits derived are expanded properly among the people of this level'

Mr.Jeganathan of Vanni Cultural Foundation made the following comment." I had a lot of problems on action planning in field level. However I got them solved through this program I was able. Apart from that I got the skills of handling field activities easily."

S.Sharmila of CWD who participated in this workshop experience said "Through this workshop I clearly understood how financial management should be done when implementing the project. I got the opportunity to learn about the mathematical calculation that should be followed through its practical exercises.

The opinion of Manel Chandrika SEEDO Sri Lanka is as follows. "I had field level problems in implementing programs at grassroots levels. Through this workshop I learnt the way these problems can be solved and how I should work for the quality improvement of CBOs."

Mr. Riyaz of Ampara TURRO said "Monitoring and Evaluation is vital for a project. At this workshop I realized that we were not being able to get the expected results in most of the projects because of the defects in monitoring and evaluation. Now I know how to assess the quality level of any project"


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